What to Buy for the Kids on your Christmas List?

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Did you know you can use children’s numerology to buy their Christmas presents?

In order to buy the perfect gift for any child on your list you will need to know their Lifepath number. So please take the time before you go out shopping to calculate their unique numerology path.

Each kid has a life path number that is determined simply by adding the digits of their birthday together, keep adding until only one number remains. Say the child was born on March 11, 2006. Add 3+1+1+2+0+0+6= 13  1+3=4  This child has a Lifepath number FOUR.

Each of the NINE completely different Lifepath numbers has talents, traits, challenges, likes and dislikes, tendencies and personalities unique to them only. This number is their birth force. It will never change. Once a FOUR always a FOUR!

Once you have all the kids on your list matched with their path number you can use the list below to choose the very best gift for each child.

ONEs are Leaders and Winners:Rubik cube, chess set, bicycle, tickets to a sporting event or the ballet, dress shirt with matching tie or matching gloves, scarf and hat, video games, a Sudoku book, Battleship game. This child would love a mental challenge, an inspirational gift or something to make them look important.

TWOs are Nurturing Peacemakers: Pet pillow, kitchen toys or car wax to buff Dad’s car, anything with hearts, a doctor set, Teddy Bear, apron, baby doll that needs a diaper change, anything homemade! This child is sensitive and caring. Throw them a party. All they want is LOVE. Can you package that?

THREEs are Creative Joy Givers: a microphone or a karaoke machine, play dough, coloring book, costumes, magic tricks, puppets, instruments, Etch a Sketch, watercolor set, tickets to a play or a concert, Pictionary. This child loves to entertain with music, art or poetry. They would love anything FUN!

FOURs are Practical Builders: Legos, 3D puzzles, tent, herb garden, gingerbread house to build, drafting tools, wood burning set, origami paper book, dump trucks, Jenga, sand castle builder set, a pair of cargo pants, cowboy boots. All they want to do is construct and play in dirt! (Caution: this child may prefer the box instead of the gift.)

FIVEs are Inquisitive Adventure Seekers: Dora the Explorer, a globe or atlas, Rosetta Stone, a suitcase, a trip to a air and space museum, dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, National Geographic Magazines, Star Wars toys, a gift from another country, a flight attendant doll or a captain’s hat. Any gift that will take this child away!

SIXs are Soft-Hearted Love Bugs: white eraser board and markers, play house or horse ranch set, a doll with a bottle in a stroller, lullaby music, backpack with lots of compartments, nurse or fireman’s outfit, clothes for their pet, books they can read to others, hiking shoes, give to a non-profit in their name. Don’t spend too much on this one, chances are if a friend wants it they will give it away, no problem.

SEVENs are Mystical Visionaries: Brain teasers, Cranium, a camera or tablet, World Religion book, telescope, science projects, a tarot card deck, a personal astrology chart, reference books, soft PJs, a security blanket, a harp or cello, tickets to the symphony, a trip to Valley Forge or Mt. Rushmore, tavern puzzles, membership to the library. Anything comfortable or that will provide answers.

EIGHTs are Dynamic Achievers: a tie or a crown, race cars, start a savings account, a nice case for their laptop, snowboard, blocks that can be stacked higher than they are tall, a vest, penny loafers (do they still make them?), a football, memory games, batman or catwoman outfit, anything fast with wheels. This little rebel rouser wants anything that will handle and harness power.

NINEs are Intuitive Healers: a crystal ball, angels, tickets to a Shakespearean play, statue of St. Francis, a rescue pet from the pound, take them to a poetry slam, a family heirloom, scrubs, a parrot they can teach to talk, a day at a horse ranch for autistic kids, classic fairytale books, a fencing class, a journal, help them start a non-profit. Nines will love anything you give them, as long as it comes from the heart.

Christmas is all about giving! Now that you have ideas for all the kids on your list it should be easy for you to choose gifts for adults using the same gift ideas. Just switch it to the grown up version!

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”Mother Teresa


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