We all need to “THINK TWICE”

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Recently while explaining my passion for the numbers, I was trying to explain the difference of ODD verses EVEN lifepath numbers. All ODD paths look at life totally different than those with EVEN paths.


ODD numbered paths are very independent, creative, abstract, idealistic and just love to have fun. They think of the future in wonder, interested in what something “means”, learns through experience, knows a little about a lot of things and explores the new and different.

While EVEN numbered paths are totally opposite, they have others ambitions and welfare on their minds, informative, practical, mundane and they just love to work. They look at the past and history for facts, interested in what “is”, learns through education, knows a lot about one thing or just a few things and investigates the old and reliable.

Due to the fact that there are births every single day, the ODD numbered paths are relatively equal to the EVEN numbered ones. So to make it a bit easier to understand let me compare them to “night” and “day”. Every 24 hour period has 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of lightness. The dark hours are when you dream, wonder, imagine and have fun. The light hours are when you see all your surroundings, understand the vision of tomorrow by seeing the lives of others, know the past and it is time to work.

“How do we all get along then?” you may ask. Every soul returns to earth to “love” and to “serve” so we may continue to evolve, or become more Godlike. If you can get to the point of seeing the importance of every human being alive you are God. Numerology is just one of many ways to achieve this ability.

The person that was asking the meaning of numerology in the first place responded with, “Wow, now I understand the meaning of  “thinking twice”.”


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