The Parent Lottery

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Dad and Son

Do you think you won the Parent Lottery?

Was it 2007 or 2008 when the first YouTube video, that I can recall, went “viral”? It was Randy Pausch’s last lecture to his computer science class at Carnegie Mellon. With eloquence he stood at his podium on stage and confessed to an auditorium full of his loving students why he was not afraid to die with the pancreatic cancer that would give him just a few more months on earth. His words of wisdom were on achieving your childhood dreams. The entire lecture was in gratitude to his parents for allowing him to dream as a child. Most of the hundred plus power point photos that flashed on the screen behind him were childhood pictures of him acting out his dreams. One of them was actually a slide titled, “My Childhood Dreams” where he listed all 6 of them. All were achieved. This accomplishment took the fear out of dying. He went on to credit his parents for their constant encouragement to open his mind. He claimed to have won the parent lottery.

This video recreated memories of my childhood. For you see, I too, had won the parent lottery. Although I never would have said that while I was still in school. I always thought my friends had better, more loving parents and a more desirable home life than me. They were routinely questioned about their dreams and encouraged to participate in every activity available at school and church. I thought this was love and my friends were receiving more than I was. Most of my young adult life I questioned the major decisions I was making. Maybe even blaming my confusion on my upbringing. Then on my 30th birthday I was given a complete numerology chart as a gift. It was my entire life written out by hand on 10 or 12 yellow legal pad pages created by one of my New Age friends. It described me to a T, my past and present were spot on. And the pages continued with my future. This gift was an eye opener and from that point on I started studying this metaphysical science called numerology. I recognized myself in every word I read. And I realized I was living my childhood dreams. All those decisions I had questioned over the years were correct and had moved me in the right direction in a life that made me happier with every turn. All along the way I have shared my knowledge with family and friends. Way too many people go through life in the dark. It was my hope that all would see the light and recognize themselves in the charts I completed for them and start living their childhood dreams. It is never too late.

Jump ahead another 30 years and I am now retired, living a wonderful life in the Rockies, surrounded by many friends, traveling the world and still learning more every day about numerology. A few months ago I completed my second book on the subject. This one is written for children born since the turn of the century. The strongest number in a chart is the life path number. It is determined by the numbers in the day you were born. It is like a fingerprint, it can never change. All my life I have been quick to share with new parents the life path number of their new little bundle of joy. But never gave much credence to the traits, talents, illnesses and challenges that were going to be part of that child from birth. Until I started seeing this extra quality in those born in the last fifteen years. Every soul starting a life on earth since 2000 has at least one 2 and one 0 in their birthday. The “2” is the path of love and nurturing and the “0” represents help from the Universe. I call them “shift souls” for they are here to help us through this universal shift known as the Aquarian Age. They come as teachers to us all so we may understand LOVE.

My book, Seeing Kids Differently, describes all nine life paths as seen in children starting in the womb, developing through toddler stage and elementary school and then hindered by peers as teenagers. We are all born with mindsets and desires that are meant to aid us in achieving joy, harmony and growth this lifetime. I love to share this with parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and mentors of today’s young. How rewarding would it be to look into the eyes of a child and see their spirit?  

Shortly after I sent my script to the publisher I saw the movie, Boyhood. That young boy lived a true SEVEN life path. It was rewarding to me to be able to see this child’s complete formative years in less than three hours of a movie. To see the divorced parents’ influence on this “shift soul” allowed me to view another kid who had won the parent lottery.  

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