Seeing Kids Differently

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Seeing Kids DifferentlyHello Everyone,

Here I am to help you know and understand the small ones in your life.  That would be everyone who has entered this time and space we call earth since January 1, 2000.  Yes K2R was an extraordinary time after all.  Do you remember that fretful New Year’s Eve, when the strike of twelve was the beginning the end of the world as we knew it?  Let me introduce the new generation of children born since the New York City ball dropped that year.

Seeing Kid’s Differently is my most recent book in which I describe each of the nine life paths of which every child born since the start of this millennium has earned a spot.  A life path is discovered by adding every number in a date of birth and continue to add the digits until a single number is left standing.  This number depicts the child’s life path.  Since the beginning of the year 2000 every child has at least one 2 and one 0 in their birth date.  The 2 is the female vibration, one of caring and nurturing.  The 0 is the vibration of the universe, no beginning and no end.  Both of these vibrations are in every single soul that has taken their first breathe in the last 15 years.  If you have one of these enlightened beings in your care you will want to “like” this blog and make me one of your new best friends.

Love, Light and Happiness,

Patty Blank


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