Potty Training by Lifepath Number

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Insta9_3251789kMany parents dread the potty training stage. When do you start? Do you make it a game? Do you reward them for a job well done? Do you read them a potty training book while they are parked there?

The answer is easy. After you figure out your toddler’s lifepath number you will have the insight of my knowledge of your children’s numerology. You will know their vibration, their desire to please (or not) and if they make decisions mentally, physically, emotionally or intuitively. Realizing this power will make raising your children so much easier.

Let’s go over again how to determine your child’s life path number. Start with the 6 to 8 numbers that make up their day of birth. A baby born on March 31, 2011 would be a TWO.  3-31-2011 would be added like this….3+3+1+2+0+1+1=11   1+1=2

Here is where the fun begins. I will describe each of the 9 paths as they will address this challenge of getting out of a diaper and into big people panties!

ONE- Independence is this child’s motivation. And the ONE is an early talker, so they will start telling you they are wet or need to go. You can expect this child that deals mentally on every situation to basically train themselves. Explain to them that if they get out of this diaper they can get on with their exploring.

TWO- This child is the angel baby. TWOs just want to please you even at this young age. With their emotional vibration, toilet training will be easy cause it will make you happy. This toddler will readily give up the bottle for the same reason. Please don’t forget to compliment them for making you so proud.

THREE- The little guy at the top of this page may very well be a THREE! Their desire is to create and entertain. It is important for you to show joy for their completed task. So make sure you applaud them for turning the water yellow and giggle when they manifest more!

FOUR- When it is time to train the organized builder it may be a challenge. Begin the task with a constructed routine. Have the FOUR watch as you set up the chair, lay out the wipes and powder and have the clean fresh training pants ready. If they see the order it will appear to be an important job that needs to be completed.

FIVE- This little wiggler will need to be free of restrictions so they will strip away their diapers at first chance. This will be an excellent method are training them to relieve themselves appropriately. Make going on the potty an adventure. The FIVEs are curious so they may need to peek in the bowl to see what’s going on.

SIX- These tiny emotional love kids will do anything to contend you. Often described as the perfect baby, they will potty train themselves, early I may add. All SIXs want is to make you happy. So when they finish the task make sure you smile and praise them lovingly. Even hug them and cuddle a bit before redressing.

SEVEN- This intuitive one is more aware then most. And things need to make sense. So when it is time to potty train you well need to explain both options. Do they want to sit in a wet diaper or relieve themselves in the john and then move on to comfort again? I guarantee they will be ready to sit on the potty chair and look at their book until all is completed.

EIGHT- Another mental, energetic wiggler that hates to sit down for very long. You have two options here. You can make it a game, drowning cheerios or a racing game on a tablet may keep him entertained long enough to “go”. Or you can use logic. Explain the mission that needs to be accomplished and when completed you both will go outside to play.

NINE- This old soul toddler will intuitively know what you desire of them and will be eager to show you they can do it. The child is like no other. Have you ever owned a dog that appeared to trained itself just to delight you? Were you not amazed? This child knows what you want them to do before you ever do.

I hope I was able to show you how different paths will show you their talents, traits and what drives them to perform. Once you connect to them on their level rather then believing they should operate on your level you will be a happier parent. Trust me. If you change the way you see your child, your child will become the best kid ever!



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