Parenting with Numerology

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Golden Retriever family

It sure would be easy if all the kids in the family were all born on the same day! 

But that is pretty rare! To be able to raise all the kids in the same fashion, as the same Lifepath number, would make life easier for all parents. But wait, I think the majority of you do this anyway. That is why most adults my age blame their problems in life and sufferings on their parents. Isn’t it true? Wouldn’t you be happy if your parent did or didn’t do something better while you were under their care?

In this blog I usually aim most of my attention toward the NINE Lifepaths of children. Children do grow and mature and when they do their traits and talents remain the same. The Lifepath is the major path, the birth force, the core of every human walking the earth all based on the day they took their first breathe.

This post is geared to explain the way in which each path parents. Every path number performs under 4  categories; odd or even, male or female energy, introvert/extrovert/ambivert and lastly mentally, emotionally, physically or intuitively.

ONEs are odd, male, introverted and handles everything mentally. This parent is creative, fun loving and knows a little about a lot. With their strong male vibration they will talk a lot about themselves yet rarely listen. When it comes to discipline the kids, logically is the way to go with timeouts so they can think about what they just did. By taking the time to reason with the young ones it is only natural they will see it your way eventually. This independent parent makes the best “soccer mom”!

TWOs are even, female, extroverted and extremely emotional. This parent will use their own parents as great examples of what makes a good family. They love a clean house, prepares a delicious and well-balanced meal, knows a lot about love and baking. With their strong female vibration they will see that all the children are clean and dressed for school. As an emotional parent it hurts them to discipline, the just want to hug you. TWOs do well as stay at home moms and dads and taking care of all the neighborhood kids!

THREEs are odd, female, introverted and works on an emotional level. This parent is abstract and deals with the new and different. They love to entertain and use art to educate. Their female energy allows them to nurture with love. As an introvert they will question the emotional motives of their disciplinary actions. “I guess I should punish them somehow, but why?” Can’t we all just get along, sing, dance and make merry everyday of our lives?

FOURs are even, male, extroverted and physical. This parent is totally interested in building a strong foundation for the family to grow and prosper. “Do you want me to build you a playhouse?” With their knowledge of the old, well built, infrastructure of the family they grew up in they can achieve a strong, healthy family themselves. This parent will share their thoughts of right and wrong and then physically discipline the children as needed cause that is just how it is done. They make GREAT scout leaders!

FIVEs are odd, with both male and female vibrations, an ambivert and physical. As a Lifepath FIVE this parent will wonder what the future holds for everyone. They learn by taking fun, adventurous outings and encourages independent ambitions for the entire family. FIVEs are unique in their ability to share their thoughts as well as a great listener. If it gets out of control in the home, they simply take everyone outside for a distraction. Expect constant movement with this parent.

SIXs are even, female, extroverted and emotional. This parent will “mother” every kid in the neighborhood, rescue any lost pet and feed the homeless. They own a van to take the team to every game or recital. Life is better in large groups and they know what is best for all concerned. They will decorate for every holiday and makes sure everyone is fed on Thanksgiving Day! They love tradition, happiness is earned through consistency. On an emotionally level they are extremely hurt by a child that cheats, lies or hurts another human being. Kids usually behave to keep peace in the family.

SEVENs are odd, male, introverted and intuitive. This parent will question your actions all the time. “What do you mean you have no idea why you did that?” “Where do you think you are going with now?” This parent is idealistic, they believe every child is good and questions their ability as a parent when that goodness is questioned by others. They intuitively connect to the universe during quiet times for guidance with disciplinary actions. They have many questions, most you will never hear.

EIGHTs are even, male, extroverted and mentally motivated. On a mundane path this parent will be labeled as very “practical”. They believe a parent should work hard to provide everything materially required to grow a happy family. A big house, nice cars, a great education is all that is needed for this family. The EIGHT have logically figured it all out before their child was even a twinkle in their eye! Don’t expect hugs and kisses, you are lucky to get a handshake!

NINEs are a combination of all life paths. Even though they are odd, female, introverted and intuitive they are old souls that have many lives under their belts. This parent with their profound wisdom is known as the family sage. Their actions are calm, their insight is deep and intense and they lead with the aura of enlightenment. As a child of a NINE parent all you want is to be the best kid in the world so your parent will be proud to call you their offspring.

Can you see yourself on one of these paths? Just add the numbers in your birthday. Keep adding the digits together until only one remains. This is your path. Once you know it you will understand that your child is also on a path of their own. As the adult you can study how to use your path to provide the intelligent actions needed to parent each child with the love and guidance required. I am sure you have heard before that children pick their own parents. Why do you think you were picked?


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