It Takes a Village, a Tribe or a Family

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This morning an article in our hometown newspaper featured a local Navajo indian that is winning his battle with a rare type of leukemia. He was born and raised in the Rockies of Colorado. As a well known musician, storyteller and ski instructor in our county it is no wonder a recent fundraising benefit had an amazing turnout and was a huge success.

Here is part of the article that, in my eyes, explains numerology lifepath numbers:

He compares going through his illness with the community’s support with that of a nomadic tribe, where each member has a role to help the suffering with their illness, and once they are healed, everyone celebrates.

Each of the nine lifepaths represents talents that add to the total life experience of mankind; independence, balance, creativity, growth, freedom, healing, truth, strength and gratitude. Each and everyone living today is strong in at least one of these descriptive traits. When Leon Littlebird speaks about our community helping him I am sure all lifepaths were represented. From those who medically helped him, the ones engaged in organizing the benefit, the others you provided transportation, the emotional support of close friends and to all those who contributed in any way that they could. When people come together to better the world it is much like the American indians sitting around a campfire to smoke a peace pipe.


This Native American ceremony brought a representative of each lifepath into a circle to smoke the pipe of intention. As the pipe was passed it was with thoughts of peace, truth and healing from each of the tribesmen. Inhale the thought and release the result, carrying the prayer to the Creator. Some had the intention of courage, wisdom or protection while others were thoughts of awakening, endurance or respect. They followed in the teachings of the Great Mystery of Life to never interfere or try to change another’s vision. But together the individual innate traits offered by the entire tribe to a single intention of a better world would result in a celebration of accomplishment. They never intended to replace, convert or destroy anything or anyone. The purpose was only to grow, create and share in positive results. It really did take a village.

So my dear parents, as you sit around the dinner table and give individual thanks for your food this evening, please listen intently to the words of your young ones. Children are always eager to share with their family the strengths and lessons of the path of life they have chosen. In doing this you will understand that their path may be different then your path. Hear my words and you will never try to change, destroy or even convert their path. If you want to build a happy family start by never meddling with their dreams. Just breathe in their uniqueness and exhale the love you have for them. Then celebrate LIFE!!!



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