Easter Eggs Hunts!!!

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egg-huntEvery child will attack the hunt in their own special way based on their numerology lifepath!

Let me explain:

Lifepath ONEs will appear tense at the start line. They are looking over the playing field strategically in an effort to plan their moves to WIN! On the word “go” they will run to the farthest edge of the field so they may gather the most eggs without bumping into those grabbling over the nearby eggs. Their purpose in this adventure is to fill their baskets in hopes of “getting the most”.

Lifepath TWOs will be the child helping others fill their baskets. They would never think of grabbing an egg seconds before some other kid did. The goal in this hunt is to make sure everyone has eggs in their baskets. Not only that, they will use their valuable time to help those that have fallen to get up and also make sure they have no boo boos!

Lifepath THREEs will go for the most colorful eggs, leaving the plain ones for the others! They are interested in playing rather than hunting. And this child will try to entertain others in light conversation. If your child is a girl, she will definitely have decorated her basket beforehand and will probably be the one wearing a bonnet! If a THREE is accidentally run down, game over.

Lifepath FOURs will simply want to run on command. When they realize others are filling their baskets with eggs, they will start gathering their own bounty, two at a time. They may get caught up in playing in the dirt or sand and forget to hunt. Or they may pick up a rock or two along the way, just because they found it attractive! If siblings or friends are present, they will stick close to them.


Lifepath FIVEs may need a parent to hold them back as they squeal, “let me go”. Then they will run out, pick up a few, go left, pick up a few more, turn right for 2 or 3 more eggs. This adventuresome child will take more steps and cover more ground than any other kid on the hunt. They will also be sure to get a variety of colors! Be careful they don’t lose their shoes, FIVEs prefer to be barefoot, especially in a race.  

Lifepath SIXs want everyone to be equal. They will gather a few colorful eggs and then check the bounty of the other kids close by. If they have 3 eggs and the little one next to them has 2, you can expect the SIX to quickly deposit another egg in their basket. They will take their time in the field viewing the hunters baskets to be sure every one has equal amount of eggs. The SIX is not interested in winning, yet they never want anyone to lose.

Lifepath SEVENs will stand on the line and watch the others prepare to start, just wondering why there are so many colored eggs on the grass. Chickens do not lay pastel eggs! Then as the hunt begins he will continue to watch as others fill their baskets. A parent may offers words of encouragement as the child is pulled out of deep thought to gather a few eggs of their favorite color only. Should the eggs be the plastic type, the SEVEN will open each one to see what treasure is inside before picking up another.

Lifepath EIGHTs will have a plan. They will instruct  the hunters on either side of them to run and collect all the eggs in different areas of the field only to return to the starting point after they all gather as many as the baskets will hold. This has to be completed as fast as possible, gather as many as possible so they ALL will win together. The bounty will be equally shared. If one member of this team has more the EIGHT will equal the shares. This is after all a team effort!

Lifepath NINEs will simple do what is expected of them. They will wait patiently until it is time to play the game. The NINE will gently pick up the eggs that appeal to them as they watch all the other kids scream, push, laugh, steal, fall and crawl during this funny game orchestrated by the adults. On their way back you may find them shelling out their treasures to the less fortunate. Who wants to eat a dyed egg anyway?


As you learn the way a child thinks and acts based on their lifepath number you will accept them for the souls that they are. You will recognize their strengths and encourage them to master the talents granted them at birth. Easter-Quotes-2-495x650

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