Do You Have a Baby You Love!?!

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11230216_1309420752496188_2751246670162335231_nI have baby pictures of my father who was born in 1924. He is about a year old and is wearing a dress. At this young age, I wonder if my grandmother ever had a clue who this only child was to become in the future. I have pictures of both my brothers at 6 months old. And of course, several pictures of me at a young age. I look at these pictures and think how important it is for parents of today to truly know the little soul that recently entered earth via their love. Isn’t knowing this child’s Lifepath number as important as feeding, clothing and providing a safe home? Doesn’t every parent want a strong and healthy child?

The nine completely different Lifepaths describe the soul to a T! Each path is a different personality. They have different wishes, hopes and dreams. They deal with conflict differently. Mentally, physically, emotionally and intuitively are the four ways these tiny infants will deal with making decisions in life, but most importantly how they deal with stress. Yes, all humans are stressed, even infants! And a stressed human is a dis-eased human. Tantrums are a great example of how an infant deals physically with stress. Emotionally motivated children may keep stress quiet and then when finally released the damage has already hindered the young soul. To logically control stress and maybe ask about the issues that bother them is the way mentally developed children deal with difficult situations. On the other hand, children that have help from above will intuitively grasp all possibilities and are reassured of their control of anything threatening their thoughts. Knowing how your child handles stress will allow you to address issues the way they deal with them per each life path.

If my parents knew that they had one mental, one physical and one emotional child would they have parented us differently? My father was physical, like me. I was daddy’s little girl. My father and I were connected at birth. My mother was mentally motivated. We always said my oldest brother was her favorite. Both were ONE life paths. Buddy, my middle brother was the emotional THREE. He tried every way that he knew how to keep our family happy and entertained. All of us were odd numbered paths so that kept us all united anyway.

But I still wonder today if our lives would have been different if my parents actually KNEW the souls they brought to life on earth.

3 of us My bros Little me

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