Smiley  That would be a self-taught numerologist.  You see back in the early 80’s a dear friend gift me with a complete numerology chart. Oh what a gift it was. For the very first time my inner most dreams, goals and desires were right there, written down on paper, and it did not come from inside me. It was a gift from the Universe (and also a dear friend). It was like I was finally recognized for who I am!

It changed my life. I was so sure that now I was “right” and I could continue to follow my dreams without questions. It was truly liberating. So after this awakening I just had to know more. I bought every book on the subject, took every class available at the New Age bookstores and searched libraries in every town within a 50 mile radius for any knowledge I could get my hands on. I was obsessed, and still am, with NUMBERS. Now with the World Wide Web I can obtain information from all over the world on numerology.

I used this insight to calculate the life path numbers of all my family and friends. I was able to really SEE people for who they honestly were. I understood. I accepted. I forgave. I learned the meaning of a soul. I became a better daughter, sister, friend. So you see numerology has been a huge part of my life. So when I started this blog I just had to claim to be a NUMEROLOGIST. Cause I AM!

In February of 2015 I self-published my second book. This one is all about children’s life paths, Seeing Kids Differently. It is now my dream, goal and desire (did I mention passion?) to share my knowledge of the numbers with anyone who knows a child. Yes, that would be everyone walking the earth today.

Please join me as I describe the children of today as seen through the NUMBERS!