It Takes a Village, a Tribe or a Family

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This morning an article in our hometown newspaper featured a local Navajo indian that is winning his battle with a rare type of leukemia. He was born and raised in the Rockies of Colorado. As a well known musician, storyteller and ski instructor in our county it is no wonder a recent fundraising benefit had an amazing turnout and was a huge success. Here is part of the article that, in my eyes, explains numerology lifepath numbers: He compares going through his illness with the community’s support with that of a nomadic tribe, where each member has a role to help the suffering with their illness, and once they are healed, everyone celebrates. Each of the nine lifepaths represents talents that add to the total life experience of mankind; independence, balance, creativity, growth, freedom, healing, truth, strength and gratitude. Each and everyone living today is strong in at least one of...