Easter Eggs Hunts!!!

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Every child will attack the hunt in their own special way based on their numerology lifepath! Let me explain: Lifepath ONEs will appear tense at the start line. They are looking over the playing field strategically in an effort to plan their moves to WIN! On the word “go” they will run to the farthest edge of the field so they may gather the most eggs without bumping into those grabbling over the nearby eggs. Their purpose in this adventure is to fill their baskets in hopes of “getting the most”. Lifepath TWOs will be the child helping others fill their baskets. They would never think of grabbing an egg seconds before some other kid did. The goal in this hunt is to make sure everyone has eggs in their baskets. Not only that, they will use their valuable time to help those that have fallen to get up and also make sure they have no boo boos! Lifepath THREEs will...

Painfully Shy

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Are you aware that the term “Painfully Shy” carries a lot of merit? Okay, so many children are shy. I always thought it was cute to be shy. Last night I was out to dinner with friends and the discussion was about a 6 week old handsome young male addition to their family. He snuggled up to his mother’s chest and a remark was made about being shy at such a young age. This statement opened a discussion on shyness. It was brought to my attention that “Painfully Shy” holds a lot of truth. One of the women at the table told us about her experience with shyness in her early life, 1 to 10 years old. She said it physically hurt her, being shy. When a family friend touched her hand or cheek there was an actual pain to that action. Her chin was forever touching her chest and she doesn’t remember making eye contact with adults or other kids. She was so shy in...

What DOES the Future Hold for your Child?

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‘A child who’s allowed to develop their capacities and to have their own inner compass could live the life they may feel the most called to do. All else fails in comparison.’ Have you ever heard of this Waldorf School? It is, in my eyes, the future of education. I believe if you want to raise a happy, well-adjusted child, you too, will agree it is not what they know, but rather who they are. After all you are our future parents!