Denny Hamlin grew up knowing he would win the Daytona 500!

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  Denny Hamlin was born to be a race car driver. He started racing go karts at the age of seven. That was right around the time he wrote this note. Okay, so he was off on the date by a few years. But check out the last line. “The reason for all of this is because I love racing.” The Hamlins encouraged their son’s desire and goal to win the Daytona 500. I doubt if it ever occurred to them to guide young Denny in a different direction. By knowing your child’s numerology path and their “reason” for life, someday you will stand proud next to a child that you loved for their wishes, hopes and dreams and lead them to believe in themselves. Denny is a TWO. He pays attention to details, a perfectionist, never wants to make a mistake and loves the starts and the finishes! If you watch him race it is as if he is doing the best that only he can. He is in...