Obama has help from the Universe!

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Well, maybe not HELP, but he sure is in tune with the Universe. As far as numerology goes, Barack has an 11 Lifepath number. Which means he is a Master.  A Lifepath number is revealed by adding all the number in a birthdate together, continue to add the numbers until a single or a double digit master number is realized. Our president was born August 4, 1961    8+4+1+9+6+1=29     2+9=11 A Lifepath is the strongest vibration in a numerology chart. You can never change the day you were born, hence you can never change your talents, personality, dreams, traits or characteristics. You are who you are! History really does repeat itself. Just like we all have a Lifepath number, so does the Universe. It just so happens that the year Obama won the primary was 2008, a ONE year for both. Which equates to new ideas and a new beginning. The year he took office and won a Nobel Peace Prize was 2009,...