What Went Wrong the Last 20 to 30 Years of Parenting?

By on Dec 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

What happened to parents of the young adults of today? Seriously, I ask this question from my heart? As a blogger I read other blogs daily! I am always amazed at the profound insights I discover, as well as a few comments that just stop me in my tracks. Today I came across a post from a guy that recently finished the Camino. Remember I walked those same 500 miles in September and October. This guy walked in late October and November. Today he posted 15 items that are trending. Among those on the list were: *the over use of the comforting words “you are in my thoughts and prayers”. When really they aren’t. *this shift of love and worship of animals…especially CATS! *sending “good vibes”. What are they? Will they be charged to my electric bill? *America’s fear of who will lead us after this next election. *Our fascination of Bruce Jenner, the...