Mommy, Is Santa Real?

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Santa Claus! Can you remember when you were a believer? Do you remember when your bubble burst? Were you devastated?  If your child questions if Santa is real, turn it back on them. “Why? What do you think?” Then answer their questions truthfully. And be sure to tell them how very proud you are that they figured out that Santa was just a fairy tale. Tell them you were a year or two older then them when you finally figured it out. But until then do yourself a favor and don’t use the “naughty and nice” threats to make your kids behave. Children should learn at an early age that this holiday is all about the “giving” not the “receiving”. Volunteer with them feeding the homeless. Allow your kids to pick out gifts for needy children and then find a way for them to personally deliver them.Give them money to put in every red Salvation Army...