Parenting with Numerology

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It sure would be easy if all the kids in the family were all born on the same day!  But that is pretty rare! To be able to raise all the kids in the same fashion, as the same Lifepath number, would make life easier for all parents. But wait, I think the majority of you do this anyway. That is why most adults my age blame their problems in life and sufferings on their parents. Isn’t it true? Wouldn’t you be happy if your parent did or didn’t do something better while you were under their care? In this blog I usually aim most of my attention toward the NINE Lifepaths of children. Children do grow and mature and when they do their traits and talents remain the same. The Lifepath is the major path, the birth force, the core of every human walking the earth all based on the day they took their first breathe. This post is geared to explain the way in which each path...