Do You Have a Baby You Love!?!

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I have baby pictures of my father who was born in 1924. He is about a year old and is wearing a dress. At this young age, I wonder if my grandmother ever had a clue who this only child was to become in the future. I have pictures of both my brothers at 6 months old. And of course, several pictures of me at a young age. I look at these pictures and think how important it is for parents of today to truly know the little soul that recently entered earth via their love. Isn’t knowing this child’s Lifepath number as important as feeding, clothing and providing a safe home? Doesn’t every parent want a strong and healthy child? The nine completely different Lifepaths describe the soul to a T! Each path is a different personality. They have different wishes, hopes and dreams. They deal with conflict differently. Mentally, physically, emotionally and intuitively are the four...