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Finally they are asleep! Look at them. I wonder what they are dreaming? These children are my nephew’s kids. Addison is 7 years old, in 2nd grade and a Lifepath 1. She is independent, strong willed, very talented and amazingly creative. Bowen is 3 years old, determined, eager and motivated. He is fast and always on a mission. He stays up late. That is why I love this picture so much. Addison is a ONE, mental, male energy and an introvert. She is a leader and a winner. Bowen is an EIGHT, mental, male energy, but an extrovert. He is masterful and powerful. Both have the potential to make a lot of money this lifetime. Knowing their parents, I think they wished these kids were emotional, nurturing and more touchy, feely. So the title of this post is “Dreaming”. ┬áJust what does numerology have to do with that? Both children are go-getters. They were born to lead others....