Know Who You Are

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┬áNumerology is my connection to the Universe. It is my center, my understanding of humans, my rock! This science, not backed by facts, has allowed me to see goodness and love in every person I meet. And it all started with ME! Numerology has provided me with a happy life. I KNOW who I am, no questions asked. I KNOW what I want and where I am headed. But the best part is KNOWING those that I surround myself with daily. Having a true connection and understanding of others is so rewarding. In 2006 I wrote a short and sweet workbook to share with friends and family. Not is it only a place to record birthdays of those you love, but an excellent way to remind yourself who they are on the inside. This book has a place for you to keep track of all your friends’ and family members by their Lifepath numbers. Once you have several names under each path number you will gain a better...