Your Child Has a Huge Heart

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Children are all born with huge hearts. It is the very first thing that is visible on an ultra sound. Babies radiate love. But for some reason the heart shrinks with age. Kids are born in to a positive world, then they grow up! In the past, it was a parent’s responsibility to keep them surrounded by love. Not anymore. The “shift souls” have returned to time and space to reverse the shrinking heart. It all has to do with the Astrological Ages.  The birth of Christ was the beginning of the Age of Pisces. The axis of our planet earth pointed toward the constellation Pisces for approximately 2100 years. Just like our human astrology here on earth, there is a period of time between signs and ages known as a “cusp”.  For us humans, it is a few days of every month in the early 20s. A planetary cusp lasts around 60 years. Our Age of Aquarius started in the late...