I walked the Camino de Santiago

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On September 3rd I started my 36 day walk up and over the Pyrenees and then across northern Spain to the western shores of the Atlantic. It was an adventure of a lifetime. Yes it is a pilgrimage. Oxford describes one as a journey taken for nostalgic or sentimental reasons. I did it for the adventure, but oh it was so very much more in so many ways. I knew I was going to do the Camino about 8 months prior to leaving the states. During that time I watched several documentaries, read 4 books written by pilgrims, subscribed to several YouTube channels related to the Camino and religiously read many forums on the subject. One night just before turning the lights out I posted a note on one of the forums. Here it is: I study numerology. I can usually guess a person’s lifepath number just by what they say. I have decided to post a few statements here that I believe I will hear from my...