Respect Life, Even Insect’s Life

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It is never too early to teach your children the meaning of life. Just the other day a few friends of mine were talking about what we used to do to insects when we were young. I pulled the wings off flies. I drown them in water and then put them on the pavement and covered them in salt to revive them. I would pinch the glowing bodies off the fireflies and smear them on my face so that I would glow. Not to mention all the ants I killed. My friends had just as many stories. Some were worse then mine. Why on earth did we do this? It was like we had no conscience. It really, really bothers me today that I could have been such a horrible kid. My parents never told me not to torture insects. Did they ever even know that I did? Did I know better? I must have. My friends agreed they never did this in front of adults, so we knew we were wrong. Do you have like memories of hurting insects? So...

How Do Your Children See Themselves?

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It is never too early to teach your child self-worth. When you calculate their Lifepath number you will KNOW who they are and how to encourage them to use their born talents. How they see themselves through your eyes when you recognize this will give them the confidence to walk tall, even if they are 3 years old. This little dog is not only Superman in his eyes, but also his owner’s, allowing him to hold his head up high. I am a FIVE. That means I love a challenge and enjoy change. So all through school I would sign up for various sports, dance lessons, Girl Scouts, piano lessons…everything and anything. However, once the excitement was gone and my curiosity was met, I would quit and move on to the next thing. I was labeled a “quitter” by my peers. “You are never going to be good at anything if you don’t stick it out”, was a statement I heard...