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How about NEVER STOPPING what you always LOVED to do?¬†Unfortunately, the vast majority of people alive today did not grow up doing what they love. Therefore, they are still not doing what they love. I believe Ardith grew up on a ranch and her parents both had a love for horses. She had the family, surroundings and friends that all shared her love. Life was, and still is, always easy, fun and exciting. She was fortunate to be born into the dream of her life. We don’t all have that luck. Many of us have suffered finding our life purpose. Too many believe it has something to do with money or a career. Our life purpose is based on LOVE and SHARING. Do you have a purpose? Or are you still treading water? Do you remember the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? Right there is where you start looking. If you don’t remember, please allow me to help you. I believe if you...

Stupid Fish

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By now I am sure you understand that every path has its talents. Before I was introduced to numerology I honestly believed a human’s family, surroundings, friends and education determined their likes, traits and personality. Boy was I wrong. We are all born with the ability to do at least one thing really, really well. Yes, we are all geniuses of something. After learning your children’s lifepath numbers you now know what each one excels in and understand that it is your duty to encourage them to use these talents to grow and serve. If you don’t someone else will. A teacher, a coach, a grandparent… someone will see the beauty in your child. I hope it will be you. As an adult I have heard friends and colleagues say way too many times that their parents weren’t there for them. Worse yet that they did not even know them. Please don’t be one of those...