The Parent Lottery

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Do you think you won the Parent Lottery? Was it 2007 or 2008 when the first YouTube video, that I can recall, went “viral”? It was Randy Pausch’s last lecture to his computer science class at Carnegie Mellon. With eloquence he stood at his podium on stage and confessed to an auditorium full of his loving students why he was not afraid to die with the pancreatic cancer that would give him just a few more months on earth. His words of wisdom were on achieving your childhood dreams. The entire lecture was in gratitude to his parents for allowing him to dream as a child. Most of the hundred plus power point photos that flashed on the screen behind him were childhood pictures of him acting out his dreams. One of them was actually a slide titled, “My Childhood Dreams” where he listed all 6 of them. All were achieved. This accomplishment took the fear out of dying. He went on to credit his...