Potty Training by Lifepath Number

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Many parents dread the potty training stage. When do you start? Do you make it a game? Do you reward them for a job well done? Do you read them a potty training book while they are parked there? The answer is easy. After you figure out your toddler’s lifepath number you will have the insight of my knowledge of your children’s numerology. You will know their vibration, their desire to please (or not) and if they make decisions mentally, physically, emotionally or intuitively. Realizing this power will make raising your children so much easier. Let’s go over again how to determine your child’s life path number. Start with the 6 to 8 numbers that make up their day of birth. A baby born on March 31, 2011 would be a TWO.  3-31-2011 would be added like this….3+3+1+2+0+1+1=11   1+1=2 Here is where the fun begins. I will describe each of the 9 paths as they will...

Your Family’s Life of Gratitude

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  With Thanksgiving now behind us for another year, I can’t help but imagine what a life of daily giving thanks would be like. Our world is currently immersed in meditation. And America is being rewarded by the results with calm, kind people in control of their actions and far less stressed. So how do you think your family would change if you began a daily ritual of GRATITUDE? Pick a way to start this tradition in your life today while being thankful is still fresh in your family’s minds. Make it a family affair that is shared at the dinner table or keep it between you and each little one as the last thing said before lights out. You could gift each child with a journal to write down their gratitudes of the day. Actually writing will add more energy to their thankfulness. It has been scientifically proven that gratitude will increase your child’s self-esteem and...