Thanksgiving Traditions

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 Thanksgiving is the most wonderful holiday of all times! My memories begin with a few days prior to the holiday when  I was 4 or 5 years old.  I accompanied my grandfather to the turkey farm to pick out our handsome bird. On the way he asked me if I knew all boy turkeys had the same name? Tom. I was confused and ask several questions before he said he would show me when we got there. So we pull up to the turkey farm and as we walked toward the fence he was yelling out names, Hey Jim, Hey Paul, Hey Bob. No reaction at all. Then as we got up to the fence he yelled Hey Tom! And they all started gobbling and jumping around. I was convinced Pappy was right, all male turkeys were named Tom. So Thanksgiving Day I was just starting to tell my story of our trip to buy the turkey, when both of my brothers said I hope you got one named Tom. If my older brothers knew male turkeys were named Tom...