Who Are You?

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Are you ready? Are you excited? Let the fireworks begin. It is time to discover just who YOU are! Before you can ever understand you child’s numerology you need to discover yourself. Numerology is the study of life as seen in the numbers. Just like astrology is the study of life as seen through the stars. Everyone knows what sign they are, right? I am a Pisces. I have known this for the last 50 years. I know that I am a water sign and probably an old soul. I sometimes read my horoscope in the newspaper for fun. That is basically all I know about my “sign”. Maybe if a dear friend had gifted me my astrology chart over 30 years ago, this would be an entirely different blog. Just like astrology, numerology is a metaphysical science, the philosophy of being and knowing. Numerology dates back to Pythagoras. In my opinion, numbers were the very first written language....