Children’s Lifepaths EIGHT and NINE

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Our final symbols, words, thoughts and ideas that I claim have made numbers our first universal language are 8 and 9. To keep the story going I will now continue with the symbol 8. It has no beginning and no end. As above, so below.” Lay it sideways and it is the sign of infinity.  So as the village grew larger and the people grew smarter the image in the dirt was one of movement or dance. All of them understood that their circle of men on earth was connected to the circle up above and the figure 8 was made visible. Lifepath EIGHT is the only number with continuous motion. Your dynamic achiever is focused and confident with the aggressive, competitive male energy with which they were born. You will witness the mental level in your miniature leader via their logical and impulsive decision making. No emotion will ever slow this golden child down. The EIGHT is the boss, the king, the...

Children’s Lifepaths SIX and SEVEN

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Look at us go. We are already up to number SIX. So far in my first words of the first people analogy and how sure I am that numerology was the first language, the first man(1) laid eyes on the first woman(2) and they had a child(3). Soon this happy family realized they needed shelter from the elements(4), next thing on the agenda was food and that meant leaving the hut(5). Today we meet other families. As these people gathered they thought it best to live close to each other and form a community. Again we will look at the symbols in the dirt. It looks like a line leading into a circle. Yes the group is celebrating with a dance(6). The SIX Lifepath represents the humanitarian. Your perfect baby is here to please. At this age they only know the immediate family and friends, but they have a future of making the world a better place. Let’s call them LOVE KIDS, born to develop a circle that...

My Life Changed with Numerology

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Before numerology was presented to me as a gift, I think I was lost in space! I looked everywhere and continuously compared my life to others. From the beginning of time (well maybe I was 7 or 8 years old) I have always had this question in the back of my mind. Who am I? It appeared to me my parents knew, so did my brothers and friends, even my teachers knew who I was. It was easy for them to give me their opinions on what I should and shouldn’t do. They must have known who I was. Right? So what was I missing? Our family of five lived in the same house the entire time we were growing up. It was located in a very small village in eastern Pennsylvania. We are Pennsylvania Dutch, born and raised. My father worked in an appliance factory for over 40 years and my mother, a stay at home mom. My two older brothers were 3 and 2 years older than me. My brothers were totally different from...