Children’s Lifepath FOUR and FIVE

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Okay, what comes after father, mother, child? Shelter, of course. The thought that is next in line with this early communication stream I have been explaining is represented by the number FOUR. When the young family needed protection from the elements it was designed by simply drawing four lines in the dirt. These symbol represented building a foundation. So your little worker bee, with a FOUR Lifepath, will gather all the tools in order to get the job done in an organized and methodical manner. This child works on the physical level. I know you would imagine them to be mental, but no, their job is to do the work not design it. Expect lots of motion; a fast and early crawler and then jumping and bouncing. Also deals with male energy and as an extrovert. How else could the job get done? They are the boss. Buy this child Legos, Play Dough, Jenga and Lincoln Logs or you can expect all...