Children’s Lifepaths TWO and THREE

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For my last two posts I explained that numerology is a metaphysical science without facts to back it up. And also that it is my belief that it was the very first means of communication. Some early being from the past drew a straight line in the sand to proclaim their strength and independence as a ONE. I also showed you how to calculate a Lifepath number and gave you a brief description of a child’s lifepath 1. Today I will move on to kids’ Lifepath TWO and THREE. So after the first word (number 1) was spoken we had to respond in order to communicate. So let’s just say this being has just laid their eyes on a beautiful being of the opposite sex. It is getting dark and the sun is going down. They find themselves in need of warmth. So the new being lays down to cuddle or spoon with the strong independent ONE. In the dirt is now a curved figure with a straight line under...