What is a Life Path Number?

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Both of these adorable children have a birthday! The numbers that make up that date are also the numbers that describe their soul. This one number will reveal their talents, their personality, if they have a male or female energy, their challenges, their actions and even their deepest desires. As a parent, I am sure this is very important to you. Am I right? Let me show you how to uncover all this information. The children in this photo are my great niece and nephew. Addison was born January 8, 2008. So we add all the numbers together, keep adding until you have only one number. (This is old math, not new math.) Example: 1+8+2+0+0+8= 19    1+9=10   1=0=1   Addison is a ONE and no one on this earth can change that. As a ONE she is an independent Trail Blazer! She has an excellent memory due to her strong mental energy. A strong desire to be the leader and win which is seen through her...